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 Robin Hill Farm has been providing community-inclusive cognitive rehabilitation exclusively for adults with Brain Injuries since 1983.

Are you looking for a licensed residential program for someone with a brain injury? We are a family owned company, providing community-based services for over 35 years. Our website is designed to give you an overview of our capabilities. If you need residential brain injury rehabilitation services, we invite you to learn more about Robin Hill Farm.

Our programs offer residential rehabilitation, and may be considered a long-term alternative to institutional living, or a short-term step towards return to home. The objective is to provide these supports in the least restrictive environment possible. Our programs provide 24 hour support or supervision.

Robin Hill Farm provides socially based cognitive rehabilitation programs. A person considering one of our settings should be medically stable, not present a danger to self or others, and be diagnosed with a brain injury, either traumatic or acquired. We operate in a low stimulus, structured environment, with particular emphasis placed on re-learning skills that allow an individual to “live again” in the community.

Based upon the belief that no two brain injuries are alike, Robin Hill has been developing a true continuum of care for the past 35 years. Today, we have 7 residential programs located in three towns, so that we may offer the potential resident a program that matches their particular needs. This concept gives the resident choice, and the flexibility to progress through a continuum, as gains are made. With an overall capacity of 43 residents, we are small enough to offer personalized care, but big enough to provide the depth of service required to help our residents achieve meaningful results.

Each resident has a written rehabilitation plan, and our overall general goal is to provide the support and training necessary for the resident to maintain the least restrictive lifestyle possible.  All of our programs are staffed on a 24 hour basis, and all of our homes are owned by Robin Hill Farm.

Robin Hill Farm programs are licensed by the state of New Hampshire as Residential Treatment and Rehabilitation Facilities.

Robin Hill Farm…

A unique living environment for adults with brain injuries