Back in 1983, there were very few community based options for those who had physically recovered from a brain injury; most were housed in institutional facilities. Living at home or reentering the community without professional support could be problematic. With generations of healthcare experience, our family decided to offer a low stimulus, structured environment that allowed people with brain injuries to live again.

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Overall, we provide for about 40 residents. Our program levels range from the maximum support of our “Residential Treatment and Rehabilitation”, to the least restrictive apartment style program.

Surprisingly, no. As our reputation grew, we began to receive inquiries from other states. Currently, less than half of our residents are from New Hampshire; the rest are from up and down the Eastern Seaboard, including Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

The length of stay is determined on an individual basis. In some cases, our program is an alternative to institutional living, so placement is long term; in other instances, a person just needs a few months of cognitive retraining before living independently again.

First, a person must be diagnosed with a brain injury. We are not a behavioral facility, so we can’t accept those who present a consistent danger to themselves or others. A candidate must require and benefit from 24 hour support or supervision, and should have a desire to “get on” with their life.

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That’s OK. We have programs in 4 different locations

We receive payment from:

  • NH Medicaid waiver (ABD)
    • Veterans administration
    • Worker’s compensation insurance
    • Private pay

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In keeping with the non-institutional, community based program, we never miss an opportunity to go out – even if it is to visit the doctor. Rather than have therapists on site, we go to them – much like you or I would do. This is beneficial in many ways:

• it gives the resident contact with the community
• services are given only when necessary, and the provider maintains absolute control over the process

Unlike some of the larger organizations, the Robin Hill Farm office is located at our main campus in West Deering, NH. This is by design, and keeps us connected with the daily occurrences in ALL our programs. Specifically, we are upstairs over the Supported Resident Program.